RELAX! Daily Devotional

I have begun a new nightly/daily routine. The pictured devotional was given to me from my Daddy (with a lovely quote from my Grandma inside), the journal is from my Mommy 🙂
I took a moment to read this morning and I am ready for the day! Hence, I decided to share with you all!
Relax, everything’s going to be all right; rest, everything’s coming together; open your hearts, love is on the way! Jude 1:2 MSG
Hard work should be punctuated by rest and relaxation. So if you are overworked, overcommitted, or underinspired, give yourself a much-needed break. You deserve time to rest, relax, and to recharge your batteries. Do yourself and the world a favor: carve out the time you need to restore your energy, your optimism, your perspective, and your faith. ~From my daily devotional, I share with you the Word and these words.
This devotional is on time! I take the time out for everything and everyone else but myself! How can I live in His word and my mind and heart is cloudy? How can I raise up His child and I am exhausted beyond belief?
Something will fall behind…We must take time out for ourselves! It will allow us to be closer to God, more present with our loved ones and simply happier!
Are you relaxed? How do you prepare for your day?

Traveling with a Toddler

I believe that it is important to explore our world through different means such as literature, music, art but especially through travel. I’d like to start a tradition of traveling with my family at least once a year. I, unfortunately, have only traveled outside of the United States about 6 times in my life and it was in the earlier part of my childhood and teenage years.

The last decade of my life, happened to be my entry into adulthood and while I spent my time working, contributing to my community and acquiring higher degrees, the exploratory element was at a standstill.

Hubby and I would like to enjoy our days off trekking across the country and abroad with our daughter. This is something we look forward to and fear…simultaneously (is this even possible?)

For a couple that struggles with a Target meltdown (almost every single time! what is it about target and toddlers??), how will the experience be traveling at this age?

Well…we hope to share these experiences in this section. Hopefully you don’t read about us in the international news…

*Headline* Toddler Takes Down the Eiffel Tower single-handedly, Parents pictured below *insert bad picture*


Where have you traveled with your little one? How was the experience?