Fighting to find Child Care

The struggle is REAL!

There is so much to consider… Nanny, Day Care Center, Family Day Care, Montessori Preschool, Private Preschool…oh there is more and trust that we considered it all!

After several Google searches, a account, The state child care site and numerous local forums we scheduled 10 day care/preschool tours and was able to make 6 of them but in the end the power of word of mouth helped us find what is best for our family at the time. Hello Family Day Care!

Several Questions we asked were:

  • Is this a nurturing environment?
  • Will she get lost in big classrooms?
  • Can she thrive?
  • Is the program too structured?

Sam is in the stage where she is a toddler but she is real needy and temperamental. We thought it would be traumatizing to move her across the state into a huge day care center in a big classroom. So a home day care with some structure will be her transition for at least the next 6 months.

I still fear leaving my baby for the long work days coming ahead and the guilt is creeping up on overtime but I know that this is best. It is time for my caterpillar to bloom into the beautiful, spunky butterfly and share her love with others outside of kin.

Blue Butterfly

How did you choose the right Child Care?