They ask me what I do and who I do it for…

Heyyyy…Who titles a parental blog with a ratchet hip-hop lyric?? A Millennial Mama of course 😉

Eek! Life has been a complete and utter roller coaster…our Milliennial-ish family has grown from 3 to 4!

You heard that right! Now ask me how I’m staying sane. We are suddenly becoming more normal-ish day to day in our organized yet chaotic semi-functioning abode.

Stay tuned peeps!

RELAX! Daily Devotional

I have begun a new nightly/daily routine. The pictured devotional was given to me from my Daddy (with a lovely quote from my Grandma inside), the journal is from my Mommy 🙂
I took a moment to read this morning and I am ready for the day! Hence, I decided to share with you all!
Relax, everything’s going to be all right; rest, everything’s coming together; open your hearts, love is on the way! Jude 1:2 MSG
Hard work should be punctuated by rest and relaxation. So if you are overworked, overcommitted, or underinspired, give yourself a much-needed break. You deserve time to rest, relax, and to recharge your batteries. Do yourself and the world a favor: carve out the time you need to restore your energy, your optimism, your perspective, and your faith. ~From my daily devotional, I share with you the Word and these words.
This devotional is on time! I take the time out for everything and everyone else but myself! How can I live in His word and my mind and heart is cloudy? How can I raise up His child and I am exhausted beyond belief?
Something will fall behind…We must take time out for ourselves! It will allow us to be closer to God, more present with our loved ones and simply happier!
Are you relaxed? How do you prepare for your day?

Toddlers are A$$holes…

Have you ever read this book? I’m at the point where my frustrations with how combative, stubborn and sassy my toddler is, have left me in need of some extra mama support.

She has recently started to take on other people’s fears…my sister is terrified of bugs so my before dirt loving daughter screams “Bug, kill it!”

She has become a picky eater, she can’t stand milk without chocolate or cinnamon.

Oh and remember the poop post?? 10 times worse…

Poop games x 10

I’m hoping that maybe this book won’t make me feel like a terrible mom. My co-worker expressed multiple times that she wants a sibling…uh I’d like to find an alternative means of riding through this stage.

What helps you cope/deal with Toddlerhood?

MPA Graduate!!

Hey World!

Boy has the past month been the most challenging in my adult life. I graduated earlier this month with my Master of Public Administration…

I did it!

I was offered (and accepted!) an awesome career opportunity and we have to move 3 hours away to the state capital in one month!


I am excited and absolutely nervous about this change but I look forward to it! This is a milestone that I embrace for myself, my husband and our daughter. This journey is one I look forward to sharing with you all.

Stay tuned as we embark this change with open arms, tears and laughs. I’m going to miss being close to my family and friends. Now to find a new home 🙂

Mommy and Daughter graduation day!

The search has begun…