Happy Mama’s Day…

Mother’s Day is everyday but still…who doesn’t like a whole day designated to saying “Thank You” or “I love you” or”Let’s go to dinner”? I love these kind of days when I can eat whatever I want without a bat of an eye.

It is my second official Mother’s Day and I am spending it with my family. I was a tad disappointed that I did not get flowers or tickets to a concert ( a girl can wish right??) but then after cooling down I looked at what I do have and I came to my senses.

Several times a week, I am greeted with a home cooked meal by my husband and the refreshing smile and goofy acts of my daughter. I am grateful.

I am spending my mother’s day barbecuing in my backyard with family and some Rumchata shakes!!

As I type up this blog I am taken back to the moment I met my baby Sam. When I became a mom! I still can’t believe it. Watching her grow and form into her sweet, silly and sassy self makes me tear. I love being a mommy and I am thankful that I had her (and not another sperm and egg combo haha). She has made my life exponentially better and brighter. Each day is not the same. My patience has been tested and my faith has been refreshed. All that I do is for her and my fore-mothers. I want her to be the best at what her heart desires and I want her to know that I go on each day for her. She makes me realize the woman I am and can be.

Photo on 5-10-15 at 4.42 PM #2

I thank my mama because she did it all, even when she was exhausted from work we always made it to our singing lessons, violin lessons, track meets, tennis meets, whatever was our hot activity of the moment and she was our biggest supporter!

I love you mama and I hope that I am making you proud!

How are you spending your mother’s day?