Hello Summer!


As we prepare to bask in the golden sun rays, I can’t help but think of how I can make this a fun AND learning season for my toddler.

Outside of sight words and identifying objects, I’m thinking of creative ways to engage a LO.

What activities do you have planned for the warm weather and how do you turn it into a learning/development opportunity?

Fighting to find Child Care

The struggle is REAL!

There is so much to consider… Nanny, Day Care Center, Family Day Care, Montessori Preschool, Private Preschool…oh there is more and trust that we considered it all!

After several Google searches, a Care.com account, The state child care site and numerous local forums we scheduled 10 day care/preschool tours and was able to make 6 of them but in the end the power of word of mouth helped us find what is best for our family at the time. Hello Family Day Care!

Several Questions we asked were:

  • Is this a nurturing environment?
  • Will she get lost in big classrooms?
  • Can she thrive?
  • Is the program too structured?

Sam is in the stage where she is a toddler but she is real needy and temperamental. We thought it would be traumatizing to move her across the state into a huge day care center in a big classroom. So a home day care with some structure will be her transition for at least the next 6 months.

I still fear leaving my baby for the long work days coming ahead and the guilt is creeping up on overtime but I know that this is best. It is time for my caterpillar to bloom into the beautiful, spunky butterfly and share her love with others outside of kin.

Blue Butterfly

How did you choose the right Child Care?

Toddlers are A$$holes…

Have you ever read this book? I’m at the point where my frustrations with how combative, stubborn and sassy my toddler is, have left me in need of some extra mama support.

She has recently started to take on other people’s fears…my sister is terrified of bugs so my before dirt loving daughter screams “Bug, kill it!”

She has become a picky eater, she can’t stand milk without chocolate or cinnamon.

Oh and remember the poop post?? 10 times worse…

Poop games x 10

I’m hoping that maybe this book won’t make me feel like a terrible mom. My co-worker expressed multiple times that she wants a sibling…uh I’d like to find an alternative means of riding through this stage.

What helps you cope/deal with Toddlerhood?

Juice Feast – Day 3 recap

Hey World!

Just stopping in to update on my Juice Feast. I have a long way to go but hey I’m up for it!

At the end of Day 2, I had a tension headache like you can’t believe :/ I messaged Danii who then asked how much water I drank throughout the day. Then I thought about how I failed to take in my H2o in my weight in ounces. Shame on me! After being more mindful of my intake on the 3rd Day, I’d like to express how energized and light I feel .

Let’s see if I can keep this up tomorrow, the day my thesis is due…blah!

Sam enjoys the juices too. I get to share my journey with my picky eating toddler 🙂

Happy Mama’s Day…

Mother’s Day is everyday but still…who doesn’t like a whole day designated to saying “Thank You” or “I love you” or”Let’s go to dinner”? I love these kind of days when I can eat whatever I want without a bat of an eye.

It is my second official Mother’s Day and I am spending it with my family. I was a tad disappointed that I did not get flowers or tickets to a concert ( a girl can wish right??) but then after cooling down I looked at what I do have and I came to my senses.

Several times a week, I am greeted with a home cooked meal by my husband and the refreshing smile and goofy acts of my daughter. I am grateful.

I am spending my mother’s day barbecuing in my backyard with family and some Rumchata shakes!!

As I type up this blog I am taken back to the moment I met my baby Sam. When I became a mom! I still can’t believe it. Watching her grow and form into her sweet, silly and sassy self makes me tear. I love being a mommy and I am thankful that I had her (and not another sperm and egg combo haha). She has made my life exponentially better and brighter. Each day is not the same. My patience has been tested and my faith has been refreshed. All that I do is for her and my fore-mothers. I want her to be the best at what her heart desires and I want her to know that I go on each day for her. She makes me realize the woman I am and can be.

Photo on 5-10-15 at 4.42 PM #2

I thank my mama because she did it all, even when she was exhausted from work we always made it to our singing lessons, violin lessons, track meets, tennis meets, whatever was our hot activity of the moment and she was our biggest supporter!

I love you mama and I hope that I am making you proud!

How are you spending your mother’s day?

Poop games…

Wow has it been almost two months since my last post?? I need to keep on top of this. As I type this update my toddler is in her crib and attempting to escape, this stage is no joke! We’re teetering on 1 am and my almost two-year old is going back and forth between calling for mama and singing Elmo *that red monster is on my hit list, seriously*.

I recently started a full-time job and I am wrapping up my thesis…yeah I know. I leave my house looking like this in the morning


and arrive home 13 hours, eh, like this…

photo 2

Haha seriously though, these past two months have been trying for me as a mom but also as a new professional. My family may be moving almost 200 miles away (in 3 months) from our core support group to a new town and while it is exciting and an adventure, I worry about how my daughter will handle it.

Well, I got a taste of the “terrible two’s” from Sam. She didn’t take my new job well and started to *drumroll* play in her poop! You read right. After numerous talks, countless crib bleach-downs and a slew of late night showers I decided to withdraw from an internship I started at the same time.

In the back of my head, I was relieved thought because I felt that I was stretching myself too thin and in too short of a time frame.

Until next time….

How does your LO cope with major changes? Mine turned to the brown/green goo haha

Textbooks and Toddlers

I began graduate school when my daughter was 3 months old. While I struggled with the idea internally, I didn’t think that in this day and age I would be met with external (and unwanted!) words that mirrored discouragement. These words came from men and women alike; the young and the older. These words did not take me off of the path I envisioned. It was the perfect time in my life to continue my education and explore my motherhood journey.

My daughter is now 20 months and I am graduating this spring with a Master of Public Administration (woo hoo!). I look forward to the next chapters of my blooming career and I hope that you will continue this journey with me.

Stay tuned for ‘Tips on how to survive Graduate School (or a demanding career) with a young child’

Have you been met with resistance in deciding to embark on a demanding education or career move? How about words of encouragement? 

Feel free to share your experience below…

Hello world! 2015 and beyond…

Happy New Year!

Welcome to a place where I share my musings, frustrations, fears, joys and more on the many hats I proudly wear. I am not a writer by trade or academics; I’m a woman who loves the beauty of words and how they paint life on paper (in this case your screen).

This blog is for us; ‘Millennial Parentals’. I decided to take my thoughts to a place where I can share the nitty gritty, a place where being a parent is not a compromise. Join me as I try to balance juggle (!) being a mom, wife, student and professional.

In this blog I will share my inner thoughts on it all. My words will ooze with wide array of emotions and yet, I am not here to offend or judge. My stories are shared with love.

I welcome comments, criticism, pretty much it all.

Thank you for tuning in!

P.S. Seriously, don’t be shy 🙂